Jananeethi Help Desk

Services of Jananeethi HELP DESK
Jananeethi Help Desk attends complaints/grievances by victims of unethical clinical drug trials/medical researches and provides psycho-social and legal services to victims and affected parties/families.

Our services:
  • Psycho-social and legal counseling to victims and the affected/families.
  • Legal aid and assistance to complainants/aggrieved persons for legal remedies.
  • Free consultancy on best practices, ethical standards and statutory provisions with regard to clinical drug trials on human subjects.
  • Facts finding studies/social surveys/public hearings and preparation of alternate reports, press releases based on the results of the study undertaken.
  • Documentation, publication of books, news letters, journals etc.
  • Undertake/organize campaigns, communication network, people’s tribunal, public discourses, workshops, trainings and awareness building programmes to disseminate the legal rights of patients/affected people against unethical practices.
  • Liaison with government departments, local self governments, civil society groups, service organizations, human  rights institutions, media and other stake holders for healthy, sound and fair medical researches and clinical trials.